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Childcare in Okotoks: Diverse Programs to Meet Your Child’s Needs

Crystalridge Learning Centre offers childcare in Okotoks for children aged 2 months to 12 years. One of the philosophies we strongly believe in is learning through play and stimulating children’s imaginations through an emergent curriculum. To facilitate this process, we observe and incorporate children’s interests and experiences into their education, and prioritize creativity in each activity.

Our programs differ for children based on developmentally-appropriate practices. Our childcare programs are designed to meet the needs of the “whole child,” incorporating art, social engagement, physical activity, intellectual conversations, nutrition and social/emotional support. Through programming based on observations, we are able to provide the children with experiences that cater to their interests, needs and abilities. Every child learns in an environment that is geared specifically to their development and will challenge them in a way that is appropriate to their learning. As every child is an individual and learns differently, we use different methods of educating so that we are inclusive to all children in our care. 

For more information about our programs, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our Objectives

To promote a child’s healthy growth: socially, emotionally, intellectually, creatively and physically
To foster a child’s positive self-image
To offer a safe, positive and supportive environment
To offer healthy nutrition to allow children to reach their optimal development
To provide social opportunities for children to enhance their language skills and communication
To establish a cooperative and open relationship with the family of each child
To celebrate and promote cultural and ethnic diversity
To maintain open, collaborative relationships throughout our Okotoks community

Our Learning Centre Offers

Dramatic Play
Science Activities
Library Facilities
Field Trips
Language Programs
Fine Motor Activities
Floor and Table Toys
Creative Art Activities
Art Easels
Prop Boxes
Homemade Hot Meals

Childcare Programs We Offer

Infant Program

Nurturing the youngest learners.

Toddler Program

Bright eyes and curious minds.

Preschool Program

A big step to a bright future.

School Age Program

Homework and hangout headquarters.


Do you require financial assistance for childcare in Okotoks? Your family may be eligible to receive a Government of Alberta subsidy for financial aid on professional childcare services like ours.

Ready for Fun and Learning?

From infants to pre-teens, our childcare programs meet the needs of your child.


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