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Toddler Childcare in Okotoks – Nurturing Curiosity and Exploration

At Crystalridge Learning Centre, we understand that as young learners begin to walk and talk regularly, their curiosity drives them to explore. At our Okotoks location we provide endless activities for children aged 19 months to 3 years that are fun but also educational to meet the needs of their curiosity, imagination, and developmental milestones.

Our Toddler Program fosters children’s developing independence by helping them hone valuable skills, such as the abilities to collaborate and communicate. We introduce the beginnings of basic preschool structure through our circle time and enrichment programs. Toddlers are given the time and opportunity to engage in purposeful work to explore language, music, movement, art, practical life and fine/gross motor activities that meet their individual developmental needs. With a mix between structured and non-structured play time, we aim to provide many opportunities of fun and safe learning.

Things We Provide

  • Napping cots

  • Sheets for cots

  • Homo-milk (if needed) and regular milk

  • Fresh meals prepared by our on-site cook daily

    • Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack

  • Child-sized furniture

  • Daily reports (HiMama app)

Activities We Do

  • Dramatic play 

    • i.e.: playing house; pretending to be emergency first responders, cowboys, pirates, etc.

  • Water play

  • Sand play

  • Arts and Crafts Outdoor activitiesEnrichment programs (once a week)Circle time

    • Painting, gluing, cutting paper [with safe and age-appropriate scissors], colouring

  • Outdoor activities

    • Parachuting, biking, chalk, blowing bubbles, hula hooping

  • ​Enrichment programs (once a week)

    • Spanish

    • Dance movement class (taught by Jumping Jellies)

  • Circle time

    • Learning the alphabet

    • Learning basic numbers

    • Learning basic colours

    • Singing songs

    • Reading books

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Do you require financial assistance for childcare in Okotoks? Your family may be eligible to receive a Government of Alberta subsidy for financial aid on professional childcare services like ours.

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